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Part One is DONE

And I am so, so happy with it. ^_____^ Yeah, it still needs a ton of editing, and there’s small sections that I skipped over to get to the “good parts,” but it’s something– a concrete step. And I’m giving myself a break before I start on Part II (which also needs to be totally rewritten, from scratch) just because I am super busy this week and, like I said,I’d like to do at least one more full revision of the first part. Hell, I’m already working on it here at the library, lol.

I’ve also been playing around, jotting down bits of stories from what is theoretically happening to my characters right now, cuz remember, they don’t stop aging. Cassie actually has a storyline of some importance growing, which is good. After all, she and Damian and Lucretia are the next generation of this story so they’ve gotta start getting involved somehow (well, maybe not Crete since she’s only 5 months old, but. . . )

Okay, enough babbling, back to editing!

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