Goodbye, LIB 120. . .For Now

I always find the last day of classes kinda depressing in college. Unlike high school, where you’d be seeing the same people year after year, it’s way too easy to lose track of people once a semester long class is over. I guess that nowadays Facebook makes that easier (it didn’t exist until I was almost done with my BA, so. . .). Then again, I’ve been unfriended by so many people over the years because I became just another random person of their 2,184 friends, weeded without a second thought (I’m *hoping* it was for that reason. . .I try not to be obnoxious with my posts and tend to stay away from the overtly political or religious, so. . .?)

Okay, rant over. But yeah, today was the last day of LIB 120 and even being in a teacher role I found it sad to say goodbye to everyone. We had a really good group of kids. . .not that all of them put in the most effort, but there were absolutely no bad apples in the bunch. I even got one hug and one person that came up to me specifically to say thanks and good luck with teaching my own class, so that was nice. ^__^

Better than that, some of them appeared to truly GET the class. Mary and I spent some time after the class grading a few of the semester projects so I’d get a feel for it. The last part of their “Paper Trail” was a reflective essay on everything they learned and thoughts on the class in general, etc.  One of the girls had definitely come a long way in her understanding and showed a real mastery of the skills in her project. . .and no wonder. In her essay, she wrote about some of the realizations she had about research as a process, etc. etc. and basically it was the kind of ideal “a-ha” moment that those of us at reference wish everyone would have! (I know it’s vague, but you’ll be REALLY BORED if I go into detail, trust me, lol). Even though that was just one student– though the other one we graded together also did very well– that is definitely encouraging. One of the girls even mentioned my Internet evaluation lesson specifically as one of the most eye-opening aspects of the class, hee!

I’m definitely looking forward to having my own class. I’ve been working on my syllabus and the scheduling of everything, I just need to sit down and plan on the exact activities, worksheets, etc. that I’m doing for each class. I’m keeping a lot of stuff the same as what we just did in this LIB 120 class, but there are *some* things I would like to do differently. If you’re currently a URI student and would like to experience all this first hand, there’s still 7 seats left in my Fall section!

Well, my own classes are almost over, I just have to do a Powerpoint on one aspect of my PFE and some journal entries and then I am ALL DONE. Until I decide to enroll in some Animal Science courses, that is. :p

I should probably stop writing and get back to doing library stuff. My microbiology LibGuide is THIS close to being done but my Natural Resources one needs more work than I thought. Fortunately I have no plans for tomorrow, so I might come to campus anyway and finish up both of those.

‘Til next time!

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