I Love Everything

The other morning I was working with one of the librarians, Mary, at the Reference desk. She’s also the person I’m working with in LIB 120 so we’ve been together a LOT this semester. So, I forget what she was looking up, but it had something to do with Law. I do remember peeking over her shoulder at whatever it was and saying, “Well, that’s one thing I’m not interested in.” Mary actually laughed and said something like “Finally!”

If you know me in real life, you know this is true. Yes, I’m a librarian with an American history background, but I’m considering taking classes in Animal Science because, dammit, that’s what I originally wanted to do. Nevertheless, I would love the chance to do more research and writing about my favorite topics: the assassinations of Garfield and McKinley, the lives of their assassins, all of the presidents from Hayes *through* McKinley, the anarchists of the late 1800’s-early 1900’s. I am reading (and enjoying!) a book on microbiology. I was thrilled to hear that a course in Herpetology is being proposed. I want to go to the Wednesday night acting workshops in Wakefield. I want to start horseback riding lessons again and although I was hoping to get into dressage or Arabians, all the barns that do those are too far away so I’ll have to settle for hunters and equitation. I always flip through the catalogs from the local yoga place and Kripalu and can easily pick out classes and workshops I’d enjoy attending. I am seriously considering attending the Ocean State Summer Writing Conference so I can have my story read by an impartial person for once. I want to become better at Spanish and I want to learn to read Ancient Greek and Hindi and Tagalog. I read that URI offers voice (singing) lessons and was immediately intrigued. I’d like to volunteer at the local food co-op and the therapeutic riding center. Forget just riding lessons. . .I want to lease a horse so I could ride whenever. I love going to the city (well, Boston or NYC. . .NEVER Providence, lol) but I am just as happy being in the middle of the woods, coming across deer in my path when I walk around the bend– true story. Cooking? I’d love to do it more. Raw, Indian, vegan, all would be great.

I’m not really done, but you get the point. There are endless things I enjoy doing and learning about. In the past this has been a point of contention– hell, it’s why it took 6.5 years to get my undergraduate degree. Once I discovered there was no way in hell I’d be getting a Pre-Vet degree, I flipped through the catalog and was immediately torn between Psychology, Theatre, Anthropology, Classics and Medieval Studies. It’s partially why I was afraid to go to grad school, afraid I’d start one program and then want to switch to something else. It also made socializing difficult because when I *was* away at school, I never really fit in with any group. In tennessee, definitely wasn’t redneck enough (or at ALL) for the ag/animal science kids, was *starting* to make friends in the Theatre department but theatre was NOT my life like it was for all of them. Ditto for ballet. In Virginia, sorry, I couldn’t become a snobby horseperson. So. . .I always felt ungrounded.

Nowadays that doesn’t bother me as much. I do what I want to do, whether that means going to Kripalu for a yoga workshop or reading some online articles in Spanish to practice. Yeah, that probably means I’ll never be a master in any one thing, but eh. It’s all in fun. And I would write more, but it’s time for me to head home, so maybe tomorrow.

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