aka why I need to check my calendar CONSTANTLY.

Yay! For once I had a nice relaxed morning, got up when I wanted to, read a little, milled around. Decided to head off to Bryant a little early so I could stop and get some sushi for dinner from Whole Foods. Around 11:30 I found myself at Starbucks in NK (though I was still craving a RAZBULL. . .my newest obsession from the coffee cart in the library), and I decided to turn on my phone for whatever reason.


Got the “new email” icon, clicked on it.

First thing I see– an email from my boss at URI, asking if I was okay because I *didn’t show up for the shift I was supposed to be covering from 9-11:30.*

O_O  !!!

I had COMPLETELY forgotten. Although I’ve been seeing it in my calendar all week, that I didn’t double check my schedule at some point last night meant it totally slipped my mind. I felt *horrible* and called her office immediately but there was no answer, so I left a message. Hopefully they realize that it’s not like me to do that, if anything I’m always pathologically early for everything. That, and it doesn’t help that I’ve been so mentally busy finishing up my proto-proposal and starting to think about my LIB 120 classes. Still though, quite embarrassing.

Then when I got to Bryant, I only had an hour to settle in before I had to go meet with the new VP of the IT department. He’s been meeting one-on-one with everyone so it’s not like this was anything crazy. Nice enough guy, mostly asked about my college history, what I like to do on the weekends, crap like that. It’s funny though, because whenever I get asked how I ended up going to Library school, I have to ask if they want the whole story or the condensed version haha. You know me with my ten hour long stories for everything!

I would write more, but my brain is beyond fried. My proto-proposal is almost done, but I will need to finalize it when I go home later. I am *so done* with working on it any more right now. So I think I’m going to run upstairs, get my bottle of Naked Berry Veggie juice and sit around doing crosswords until 9. Can I just get my diploma already? haha

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