Random Bits

This book:


. . .is amazing.
Could possibly go into my favorite books of all time list. I’m not kidding.

-Found out tonight that my fellow evening librarian also loves theatre. We spent like, two straight hours talking about Angels in America (dude, it’s been a year since we saw that already), Bea Arthur, and Kander & Ebb, among many, many other things. How have I been at this job since January without knowing?? haha

-I’m the “personal librarian” to several honor students, one of whom is really awesome and has taken some of my suggestions as well as put a lot of his own work in and his capstone paper is coming along great. The other one I’ve been working with has been infinitely more of a challenge. Although it’s not my place to tell someone they shouldn’t do a particular topic, I *did* warn him that there weren’t likely to be any scholarly sources on his choice (about recent lockouts in major sports organizations). Well, he apparently is pushing along with it and surprise! isn’t finding scholarly sources. He has contacted the library for two days straight and has been helped by three other people besides me– what he wants DOES NOT EXIST. And this is when the job gets frustrating. I think sometimes students consider us to be “just librarians,” when often times we have a better idea of the sources that exist for a certain topic than their professors do!

-I want to go trail riding this Saturday but I think it’s supposed to rain. Meh.

-Yes, I went to the beach between being at URI and Bryant today. Also managed to burn both my shoulders since I didn’t believe it was sunny enough out to warrant sunscreen.

-Oh! I have been telling some colleagues at the URI library about my interest in maybe getting an Animal Science BS and I got some interesting replies from people. Perhaps I’ll get into that tomorrow.

-Bought my cap and gown today– wish I could just fast forward to May 19th already!

-My brain is kinda fried (perhaps literally. . it’s a thousand degrees here at my parents’ condo) so sorry if this entry is less than entertaining. I’ll try to do make up for it tomorrow, although I really need to be finishing up my proto-proposal that’s due on Saturday.

Now, off to read more Microbiology!

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