What’s This Nonsense About MORE School?


So, a few weekends ago, Travis and I visited Peckham farm because I thought it was around the right time for the lambs to have been born. There were a few, but better than that– there were lots of baby goats! And if you know me, you know I love goats. We stayed in the barn where they were being kept and watched/petted/videotaped them for awhile.

While we were there, another girl came in and we got to talking. Asked if she was an Animal Science student. She was. Told her my ill-fated attempt at that major, how I had zero math/science abilities and had no choice but to quit. She claimed she was also bad at math and science, but one thing I’ve learned by now is that people who say that have vastly different definitions of “bad.” I figured this was one of those cases, where yeah, maybe Calculus was tricky, but she could figure out Algebra with no sweat (me, I’m more of an add/subtract/multiply/divide type of girl :p). Then she said something interesting.

She said something about taking the Animal Science track that doesn’t require as much science. Before I went to URI, you better believe I SCOURED the degree requirements for that program and as I stood there by the goat pen, I was 99.9% sure she was mistaken– that even if you weren’t doing the Pre-Vet/Ani Sci track, you still had to do organic chemistry and microbiology and other frightening things.

Fast forward to last week. I was working behind the reference desk at URI and for whatever reason, found myself looking through the course catalog (oh right, I think I was looking up courses involved with the LibGuide I’m creating). Something I saw reminded me of what the girl at the farm had said about there being a “science lite” Animal Science track. So, a few clicks later, I went to the AVS website.

Well. Turned out that the girl had the farm hadn’t been mistaken. I don’t know when it happened, but they have changed one of the Ani Sci tracks so that you only have to pass basic Chem and Bio. . .which I have done (or could do again, if necessary) and the most basic of Math classes (which I also have done).

I wanted to cry a little bit, since that was definitely NOT in existence back when I first applied to URI, but I can’t complain about how things turned out due to majoring in History. 😉

So what does this mean? Am I really gonna go back and get ANOTHER Bachelor’s degree? No, not exactly. What I think I *may* do is take like one class a semester (and probably wouldn’t start til Spring 2013) as a nonmatriculated student. Then, if I decided to buckle down and actually get the degree, the courses I took as such would still count.

Why is this a good idea? I WANT TO BE THE LIFE SCIENCES LIBRARIAN AT URI, DAMMIT. After the guy who *had* that position retired, they’ve never rehired one due to budget restraints so right now the person who’s technically liaison to Animal Science, Microbio and other such areas doesn’t have much of a background in any of these subjects. Although I have some knowledge in these areas, it would look a whole lot better if I had a degree in a life science under my belt. And even if the position at URI never opens up, there are other schools around with Ag/Vet programs and let me tell you, most people who go into library science do NOT come from science backgrounds. Having a BS would give me a distinct leg up on the competition.

I’m not solid on this decision yet, but it’s definitely bouncing around in my head.

Good idea? Worst idea I’ve ever had? You tell me!

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