Almost Perfect

Chances are you’re coming to this from Facebook, so I apologize for the redundancy. BUT– I was “officially” offered the lecturer position for next Fall! The class is available on e-campus and I already have 6 students (these classes always fill up though because it’s an alternative gen ed to the COM 100 class which requires giving a speech. . .and most kids want to avoid that). There’s also a possibility I’ll get some ref desk hours on top of this, so between my two jobs, I’ll be making the equivalent of a real salary, lol. Also, not bad for someone who still hasn’t graduated yet! :p

My other “win” this week was with the honor student I’m working with at one of my jobs. All the librarians get assigned several honor students, to act as their “personal librarian” throughout the course of their capstone project/paper. I’ve met with a few people, but seeing as this is a two-part course, most of the students are still trying to solidify their topic– and some are not quite prepared for even that step. But I had a great meeting with a student earlier in the week who was not only very interested in his topic, but willing to listen to suggestions (when his first choice was just NOT working– some students are stubborn even if there is NO scholarly information available. . .really frustrating), and has continued to keep me updated with the sources he’s been finding and information he’s been focusing on. During a time when it seems like 90% of college students are indifferent to everything, it’s nice to come across someone who does care. Plus, this is the kind of thing I hoped to do as a librarian– help people with their research. And I mean really help them, not just “here’s how you search JSTOR.”


I do have to begin working on my final, final projects but I managed to get Part II started. It’s definitely not as easy to write as Part I but it’s so, so important to get Randi and Whisky’s relationship cemented. . .so I can demolish it later on, haha. I was inspired to work on Part IV the other day (which is when shit gets REAL) and oh my god, cannot WAIT to get there. Again, my original writing isn’t awful but once those chapters are updated. . .wow. You really do need to be a sadist to write but hey, it makes for interesting stories. :p

I might write more later, don’t know. What I *do* know is it’s almost lunch time, and we’re going to the amazing new Thai restaurant on campus. Tofu pad thai, you are mine!

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