There Will Be Changes!

And obviously I’ve already started renovating, lol.

So although I’m only taking a short break from my story before jumping into Part II, I’ve decided to widen the scope of what I talk about in here, make it more of a personal blog than a story only blog. I want to talk about library stuff, I want to talk about teaching stuff, I want to talk about raw food creations (oh my god, I should start by giving out the recipe for the burger I made today-AMAZING) and all sorts of other stuff.

I considered making yet *another* journal, but then I stopped myself and was like, “Really?!” Face it. If– and only if– my story ever gets an actual “audience,” there’s only so much extra stuff I can write about concerning it. I am seriously considering attending the Ocean State Summer Writing Conference, where I can have some people who are not me and Travis to read what I’ve done and hopefully give some advice. Well, that and I’m a conference junkie, seeing as I have two library-related ones in May and now this, lol.

Hoping to start the new stuff soon. For the billionth time, I have a lot of big things coming up this week, so I really shouldn’t be tinkering around on here a ton. But yeah. Hopefully broadening my subject will help me write more often. We shall see.

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