I’m Disgusted By Them More Than Anything in the WORLD


From the biology book I’ve been browsing through at Bryant:

“Many mushrooms are extremely colorful. Fungi do not see, so it is unlikely that colorful mushrooms are communicating with one another. One hypothesis is that the colors serve as a warning to animals that eat mushrooms, much like the bright yellow and black stripes on wasps. Design an experiment capable of testing this hypothesis.” (Freeman, 2011, p. 600)



*from: Freeman, S. (2011). Biological science. San Francisco, CA: Pearson Benjamin Cummings.

^check out that awesome APA citation :p

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Goodbye, LIB 120. . .For Now

I always find the last day of classes kinda depressing in college. Unlike high school, where you’d be seeing the same people year after year, it’s way too easy to lose track of people once a semester long class is over. I guess that nowadays Facebook makes that easier (it didn’t exist until I was almost done with my BA, so. . .). Then again, I’ve been unfriended by so many people over the years because I became just another random person of their 2,184 friends, weeded without a second thought (I’m *hoping* it was for that reason. . .I try not to be obnoxious with my posts and tend to stay away from the overtly political or religious, so. . .?)

Okay, rant over. But yeah, today was the last day of LIB 120 and even being in a teacher role I found it sad to say goodbye to everyone. We had a really good group of kids. . .not that all of them put in the most effort, but there were absolutely no bad apples in the bunch. I even got one hug and one person that came up to me specifically to say thanks and good luck with teaching my own class, so that was nice. ^__^

Better than that, some of them appeared to truly GET the class. Mary and I spent some time after the class grading a few of the semester projects so I’d get a feel for it. The last part of their “Paper Trail” was a reflective essay on everything they learned and thoughts on the class in general, etc.  One of the girls had definitely come a long way in her understanding and showed a real mastery of the skills in her project. . .and no wonder. In her essay, she wrote about some of the realizations she had about research as a process, etc. etc. and basically it was the kind of ideal “a-ha” moment that those of us at reference wish everyone would have! (I know it’s vague, but you’ll be REALLY BORED if I go into detail, trust me, lol). Even though that was just one student– though the other one we graded together also did very well– that is definitely encouraging. One of the girls even mentioned my Internet evaluation lesson specifically as one of the most eye-opening aspects of the class, hee!

I’m definitely looking forward to having my own class. I’ve been working on my syllabus and the scheduling of everything, I just need to sit down and plan on the exact activities, worksheets, etc. that I’m doing for each class. I’m keeping a lot of stuff the same as what we just did in this LIB 120 class, but there are *some* things I would like to do differently. If you’re currently a URI student and would like to experience all this first hand, there’s still 7 seats left in my Fall section!

Well, my own classes are almost over, I just have to do a Powerpoint on one aspect of my PFE and some journal entries and then I am ALL DONE. Until I decide to enroll in some Animal Science courses, that is. :p

I should probably stop writing and get back to doing library stuff. My microbiology LibGuide is THIS close to being done but my Natural Resources one needs more work than I thought. Fortunately I have no plans for tomorrow, so I might come to campus anyway and finish up both of those.

‘Til next time!

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The Bunnies

To those of you here from AbsoluteWrite– welcome!

To those of you who know me and know my story and all that good stuff, BEWARE!

This chunk of story takes place in my characters’ modern day, 2012 lives. THERE ARE MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILERS ABOUT HALF OF MY CHARACTERS so if this will bother you, then don’t read past this paragraph! I’m warning you! >_< This scene may  never be incorporated into the actual story, though it is kinda amusing, haha.


























Who the characters are in a huge nutshell, just so new readers have some idea. Mind you, there’s like a thousand pages of story that takes place before this, so everyone’s not fully fleshed out.

Cassie – 17 years old, junior in public school. recently dumped by her long time boyfriend and devastated as only a 17 year old can be. . .not that she hasn’t dealt with loss before. . .

Whisky – 30 years old, Cassie’s guardian for the past few years. They have a close relationship since Whisky’s been a family friend since Cass was 5.

TJ –  Cassie’s father, this-close to being engaged to Whisky way back when and they stayed close even when things didn’t work out. Perpetually 41 years old since he was murdered in June 2008. Still isn’t sure if he’s in purgatory or what.

Mike – Was TJ’s guardian and acting agent when they were alive and they too had a relationship that was very close. He died of a heart attack in 2002, though he and TJ just made contact in the afterlife for the first time very recently.

The bolded name is the point of view of that section.

Without further adieu:


“No one’s going to want to be with me ever again,” I mumbled, kicking a random stone out of the way as Whisky and I hiked down the wooded path. “Everyone’s going to believe Matt and think I’m really weird.”

“Cassie, I know it’s hard to believe, but no one stays with their boyfriend from high school nowadays. I honestly don’t know anyone who did.”

Meh. I supposed she was right, but still. I’d been so out of sorts since Matt broke up with me on Facebook– persuading half of “our” friends to ditch me at the same time—that I barely felt like going outside to enjoy the gorgeous April weather. Hell, it had been days since I’d gone to the barn to exercise my horse, which I think was why Whisky decided it was time to get me up and moving. Part of me had wanted to protest, but everyone had been so busy with grad school and their jobs lately that some relaxed alone time would be nice. I’d agonized over wearing skinny jeans or shorts, eventually decided on a pair of black capri-length yoga pants. But did I really care what anyone thought now that I didn’t have a boyfriend or most of my other so-called “friends?”

We continued down the wide trail, dirt crunching beneath our sneakers. As we approached a corner, an older man and woman, binoculars around theirnecks, appeared from the opposite direction. They smiled at Whisky and I, gave a quick “hello,” probably thinking we were sisters just like everyone else did. Once we were alone on this new stretch of wooded path, I continued my tale of woe.

“Yeah, but—“


Whisky slung her arm out in front of me, halting me mid-stride.

Taking a quick look up and down the trail around us, Whisky took a few quiet steps forward, towards the woods. Before she actually left the trail though, she crouched down, peered intently.

“What is it?” I whispered. She waved at me to come over.

I did, though not nearly as quietly or as gracefully, grabbed onto a nearby birch tree for balance as I sank towards the ground.

We sat there, her gaze unmoving from a spot in front of her that I couldn’t quite place. I didn’t—

“Bunnies!” She pointed.

I had to crane my head a little, but there they were, babies, little mounds of brown/grey fur blending them perfectly into the surrounding underbrush. I could tell where they were by the constant wiggling of their noses, four bunnies in all, huddled close together, staring at us.

“Where’s their Mom?” I asked, not wanting to get attacked by a protective rabbit while we were in the middle of nowhere.

“I don’t know,” Whisky replied. “I’m surprised they haven’t run away.”

It was kinda eerie, when even after both of us shifted positions a few times, and not in the quietest fashion, none of them moved. Not except for all four noses—twitch, twitch, twitch, twitch.

Then something in the air changed. . .felt charged. It wasn’t until dinner that night, long after we’d changed out of our gory hiking clothes that Whisky admitted to feeling it too.

I looked at the first bunny in the pile, right into its little black eyes—and I couldn’t turn away. I swear I’m not crazy, I swear I tried, but I just couldn’t. It was like the bunny was trying to tell me something and this was the only way it knew how.

And just when the tension in the air—or whatever it was—built so strongly it was almost visible, it happened. With a horrible, wet splat! , the sound of water balloons smacking pavement, each tiny bunny burst, erupting into bits of fur and blood and innards, some of which rained down onto us, sticking to our hair, our clothes. Everything happened so quickly, and was so unexpected, neither Whisky nor I even moved for a sec.

“What just happened??” I asked, staring at the matted down bed of grass where the bunnies had been.

“I don’t know,” she responded, carefully standing up, surveying the bits of bloody flesh that clung to her t-shirt. “Let’s just. . .go.”

I couldn’t help throwing back one more glance as we slowly stepped back out onto the trail and began walking back the way we’d just came. I still had that feeling of being watched, of being pulled at, but what was left of the animals was now all over us.

*          *          *          *          *



Slammed open the door to the dark, empty orchestra room, stormed into the equally dark theatre hallway.

“Are you here?!”

No, the theatre was clearly deserted; even  a show with a small cast would be using the wardrobe room or something but that end of the hallway was just as black. I continued walking, wafting, whatever, headed for the staircase at the far end of the hall, up to the main floor.

“Where are you?? It didn’t work.”

I didn’t get too much further. No sooner had I begun gliding up the stairs did I start getting that tug in my chest. I didn’t fight it anymore; no, I allowed myself to fold into that odd sensation—

–and reappeared in a large, sunny field, where everything was bright and perfect.


“I’m right here,” he replied from behind me, putting a hand on my shoulder as he walked by. I still wasn’t used to seeing this younger, 70’s style version of him.

“I tried what you said,” I commented as he drifted off towards a patch of vegetable garden I hadn’t noticed before. “You know, the whole ‘drawing energy’ thing.”


I stared at the back of his shaggy maned head until he turned to look.

“They exploded.”

Mike cocked his head. “What did?”

“The rabbits. They were the only thing around that had enough life to them.”

A bemused smile started to creep across his too-young face.

“Oh, TJ. You didn’t.”

“The girls were in the woods, what was I supposed to do?”

I could tell Mike was stifling his laughter because I was far from amused.

“How about wait until they’re in a more appropriate area where there are plenty of mechanical devices you can draw energy from? I guess I didn’t make myself clear.”

A beat. I turned away first, glanced out at the endless stretch of pristine rolling fields surrounding us on all sides, sighed.

“I hate this,” I said, deciding to sit on the ground and stay awhile as Mike turned back to his garden. I knew I’d wake up in the theatre again before long but at least while I was here, in my old guardian’s version of the afterlife, I felt a little less incompetent at being dead.


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I Love Everything

The other morning I was working with one of the librarians, Mary, at the Reference desk. She’s also the person I’m working with in LIB 120 so we’ve been together a LOT this semester. So, I forget what she was looking up, but it had something to do with Law. I do remember peeking over her shoulder at whatever it was and saying, “Well, that’s one thing I’m not interested in.” Mary actually laughed and said something like “Finally!”

If you know me in real life, you know this is true. Yes, I’m a librarian with an American history background, but I’m considering taking classes in Animal Science because, dammit, that’s what I originally wanted to do. Nevertheless, I would love the chance to do more research and writing about my favorite topics: the assassinations of Garfield and McKinley, the lives of their assassins, all of the presidents from Hayes *through* McKinley, the anarchists of the late 1800’s-early 1900’s. I am reading (and enjoying!) a book on microbiology. I was thrilled to hear that a course in Herpetology is being proposed. I want to go to the Wednesday night acting workshops in Wakefield. I want to start horseback riding lessons again and although I was hoping to get into dressage or Arabians, all the barns that do those are too far away so I’ll have to settle for hunters and equitation. I always flip through the catalogs from the local yoga place and Kripalu and can easily pick out classes and workshops I’d enjoy attending. I am seriously considering attending the Ocean State Summer Writing Conference so I can have my story read by an impartial person for once. I want to become better at Spanish and I want to learn to read Ancient Greek and Hindi and Tagalog. I read that URI offers voice (singing) lessons and was immediately intrigued. I’d like to volunteer at the local food co-op and the therapeutic riding center. Forget just riding lessons. . .I want to lease a horse so I could ride whenever. I love going to the city (well, Boston or NYC. . .NEVER Providence, lol) but I am just as happy being in the middle of the woods, coming across deer in my path when I walk around the bend– true story. Cooking? I’d love to do it more. Raw, Indian, vegan, all would be great.

I’m not really done, but you get the point. There are endless things I enjoy doing and learning about. In the past this has been a point of contention– hell, it’s why it took 6.5 years to get my undergraduate degree. Once I discovered there was no way in hell I’d be getting a Pre-Vet degree, I flipped through the catalog and was immediately torn between Psychology, Theatre, Anthropology, Classics and Medieval Studies. It’s partially why I was afraid to go to grad school, afraid I’d start one program and then want to switch to something else. It also made socializing difficult because when I *was* away at school, I never really fit in with any group. In tennessee, definitely wasn’t redneck enough (or at ALL) for the ag/animal science kids, was *starting* to make friends in the Theatre department but theatre was NOT my life like it was for all of them. Ditto for ballet. In Virginia, sorry, I couldn’t become a snobby horseperson. So. . .I always felt ungrounded.

Nowadays that doesn’t bother me as much. I do what I want to do, whether that means going to Kripalu for a yoga workshop or reading some online articles in Spanish to practice. Yeah, that probably means I’ll never be a master in any one thing, but eh. It’s all in fun. And I would write more, but it’s time for me to head home, so maybe tomorrow.

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aka why I need to check my calendar CONSTANTLY.

Yay! For once I had a nice relaxed morning, got up when I wanted to, read a little, milled around. Decided to head off to Bryant a little early so I could stop and get some sushi for dinner from Whole Foods. Around 11:30 I found myself at Starbucks in NK (though I was still craving a RAZBULL. . .my newest obsession from the coffee cart in the library), and I decided to turn on my phone for whatever reason.


Got the “new email” icon, clicked on it.

First thing I see– an email from my boss at URI, asking if I was okay because I *didn’t show up for the shift I was supposed to be covering from 9-11:30.*

O_O  !!!

I had COMPLETELY forgotten. Although I’ve been seeing it in my calendar all week, that I didn’t double check my schedule at some point last night meant it totally slipped my mind. I felt *horrible* and called her office immediately but there was no answer, so I left a message. Hopefully they realize that it’s not like me to do that, if anything I’m always pathologically early for everything. That, and it doesn’t help that I’ve been so mentally busy finishing up my proto-proposal and starting to think about my LIB 120 classes. Still though, quite embarrassing.

Then when I got to Bryant, I only had an hour to settle in before I had to go meet with the new VP of the IT department. He’s been meeting one-on-one with everyone so it’s not like this was anything crazy. Nice enough guy, mostly asked about my college history, what I like to do on the weekends, crap like that. It’s funny though, because whenever I get asked how I ended up going to Library school, I have to ask if they want the whole story or the condensed version haha. You know me with my ten hour long stories for everything!

I would write more, but my brain is beyond fried. My proto-proposal is almost done, but I will need to finalize it when I go home later. I am *so done* with working on it any more right now. So I think I’m going to run upstairs, get my bottle of Naked Berry Veggie juice and sit around doing crosswords until 9. Can I just get my diploma already? haha

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Random Bits

This book:


. . .is amazing.
Could possibly go into my favorite books of all time list. I’m not kidding.

-Found out tonight that my fellow evening librarian also loves theatre. We spent like, two straight hours talking about Angels in America (dude, it’s been a year since we saw that already), Bea Arthur, and Kander & Ebb, among many, many other things. How have I been at this job since January without knowing?? haha

-I’m the “personal librarian” to several honor students, one of whom is really awesome and has taken some of my suggestions as well as put a lot of his own work in and his capstone paper is coming along great. The other one I’ve been working with has been infinitely more of a challenge. Although it’s not my place to tell someone they shouldn’t do a particular topic, I *did* warn him that there weren’t likely to be any scholarly sources on his choice (about recent lockouts in major sports organizations). Well, he apparently is pushing along with it and surprise! isn’t finding scholarly sources. He has contacted the library for two days straight and has been helped by three other people besides me– what he wants DOES NOT EXIST. And this is when the job gets frustrating. I think sometimes students consider us to be “just librarians,” when often times we have a better idea of the sources that exist for a certain topic than their professors do!

-I want to go trail riding this Saturday but I think it’s supposed to rain. Meh.

-Yes, I went to the beach between being at URI and Bryant today. Also managed to burn both my shoulders since I didn’t believe it was sunny enough out to warrant sunscreen.

-Oh! I have been telling some colleagues at the URI library about my interest in maybe getting an Animal Science BS and I got some interesting replies from people. Perhaps I’ll get into that tomorrow.

-Bought my cap and gown today– wish I could just fast forward to May 19th already!

-My brain is kinda fried (perhaps literally. . it’s a thousand degrees here at my parents’ condo) so sorry if this entry is less than entertaining. I’ll try to do make up for it tomorrow, although I really need to be finishing up my proto-proposal that’s due on Saturday.

Now, off to read more Microbiology!

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What’s This Nonsense About MORE School?


So, a few weekends ago, Travis and I visited Peckham farm because I thought it was around the right time for the lambs to have been born. There were a few, but better than that– there were lots of baby goats! And if you know me, you know I love goats. We stayed in the barn where they were being kept and watched/petted/videotaped them for awhile.

While we were there, another girl came in and we got to talking. Asked if she was an Animal Science student. She was. Told her my ill-fated attempt at that major, how I had zero math/science abilities and had no choice but to quit. She claimed she was also bad at math and science, but one thing I’ve learned by now is that people who say that have vastly different definitions of “bad.” I figured this was one of those cases, where yeah, maybe Calculus was tricky, but she could figure out Algebra with no sweat (me, I’m more of an add/subtract/multiply/divide type of girl :p). Then she said something interesting.

She said something about taking the Animal Science track that doesn’t require as much science. Before I went to URI, you better believe I SCOURED the degree requirements for that program and as I stood there by the goat pen, I was 99.9% sure she was mistaken– that even if you weren’t doing the Pre-Vet/Ani Sci track, you still had to do organic chemistry and microbiology and other frightening things.

Fast forward to last week. I was working behind the reference desk at URI and for whatever reason, found myself looking through the course catalog (oh right, I think I was looking up courses involved with the LibGuide I’m creating). Something I saw reminded me of what the girl at the farm had said about there being a “science lite” Animal Science track. So, a few clicks later, I went to the AVS website.

Well. Turned out that the girl had the farm hadn’t been mistaken. I don’t know when it happened, but they have changed one of the Ani Sci tracks so that you only have to pass basic Chem and Bio. . .which I have done (or could do again, if necessary) and the most basic of Math classes (which I also have done).

I wanted to cry a little bit, since that was definitely NOT in existence back when I first applied to URI, but I can’t complain about how things turned out due to majoring in History. 😉

So what does this mean? Am I really gonna go back and get ANOTHER Bachelor’s degree? No, not exactly. What I think I *may* do is take like one class a semester (and probably wouldn’t start til Spring 2013) as a nonmatriculated student. Then, if I decided to buckle down and actually get the degree, the courses I took as such would still count.

Why is this a good idea? I WANT TO BE THE LIFE SCIENCES LIBRARIAN AT URI, DAMMIT. After the guy who *had* that position retired, they’ve never rehired one due to budget restraints so right now the person who’s technically liaison to Animal Science, Microbio and other such areas doesn’t have much of a background in any of these subjects. Although I have some knowledge in these areas, it would look a whole lot better if I had a degree in a life science under my belt. And even if the position at URI never opens up, there are other schools around with Ag/Vet programs and let me tell you, most people who go into library science do NOT come from science backgrounds. Having a BS would give me a distinct leg up on the competition.

I’m not solid on this decision yet, but it’s definitely bouncing around in my head.

Good idea? Worst idea I’ve ever had? You tell me!

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Dead Bunnies

Hi guys,

Soooo. . .at some point before the end of the month, I’ve been tasked with writing an entry that somehow incorporates “dead bunnies.” It’s for a blog chain I joined through the AbsoluteWrite forum; every month, a new topic is chosen and if you sign up, you have to write a <1000 word something incorporating it once it’s your “turn.” Can be a poem, can be non-fiction, can be whatever. I am of course writing it as a chapter of my story, though I think I’m going to make it take place in present day. . .not one-hundred percent sure yet. But I’m sure it will be twisted, so don’t be too alarmed. Now, having worked on my final, final library paper for awhile, I’m going to go read the other dead bunnies blog posts that have been done so far.


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Almost Perfect

Chances are you’re coming to this from Facebook, so I apologize for the redundancy. BUT– I was “officially” offered the lecturer position for next Fall! The class is available on e-campus and I already have 6 students (these classes always fill up though because it’s an alternative gen ed to the COM 100 class which requires giving a speech. . .and most kids want to avoid that). There’s also a possibility I’ll get some ref desk hours on top of this, so between my two jobs, I’ll be making the equivalent of a real salary, lol. Also, not bad for someone who still hasn’t graduated yet! :p

My other “win” this week was with the honor student I’m working with at one of my jobs. All the librarians get assigned several honor students, to act as their “personal librarian” throughout the course of their capstone project/paper. I’ve met with a few people, but seeing as this is a two-part course, most of the students are still trying to solidify their topic– and some are not quite prepared for even that step. But I had a great meeting with a student earlier in the week who was not only very interested in his topic, but willing to listen to suggestions (when his first choice was just NOT working– some students are stubborn even if there is NO scholarly information available. . .really frustrating), and has continued to keep me updated with the sources he’s been finding and information he’s been focusing on. During a time when it seems like 90% of college students are indifferent to everything, it’s nice to come across someone who does care. Plus, this is the kind of thing I hoped to do as a librarian– help people with their research. And I mean really help them, not just “here’s how you search JSTOR.”


I do have to begin working on my final, final projects but I managed to get Part II started. It’s definitely not as easy to write as Part I but it’s so, so important to get Randi and Whisky’s relationship cemented. . .so I can demolish it later on, haha. I was inspired to work on Part IV the other day (which is when shit gets REAL) and oh my god, cannot WAIT to get there. Again, my original writing isn’t awful but once those chapters are updated. . .wow. You really do need to be a sadist to write but hey, it makes for interesting stories. :p

I might write more later, don’t know. What I *do* know is it’s almost lunch time, and we’re going to the amazing new Thai restaurant on campus. Tofu pad thai, you are mine!

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Don’t Even.

I got to hear my “favorite phrase” yesterday at the reference desk:
“The paper’s already done, I just need some sources.”
Please, repeat after me: AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!

This makes me die a little inside not only as a librarian but as someone who’s done legit research and, you know, generally cares about the intellectual future of the world.  ~_~

I wasn’t helping this particular student, my coworker had her, but still I cringed. This situation doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does. . .it’s like “Why didn’t you just come to the library and find some sources in the first place??” Trying to find references *after* the paper is written is asking for problems. What if nothing’s been written that agrees with what you’ve said? Yes, there’s millions and millions of articles in our databases and online, but sometimes you’d be surprised at what information is NOT out there. Many times I’ve gone to help a student find sources on X topic, something that sounds like it’ll be easy to find research on, and ended up wanting to throw things in frustration after twenty minutes of fruitless searching. (On the other hand, there have been times when someone’s topic made me O_O yet finding sources was ridiculously easy. . .you can never tell.)

But yeah. If you’re in college, please for the love of all things holy, DO NOT DO THIS. Get your sources before you even open a new Word document. . .at least then the tricky part will be over and your librarian will be much happier to help you if something weird *does* come up.

* * * *

I’m gonna actually write a story related post tomorrow (or whenever the next time I write is) since I’m forging ahead with Part II. I think I said before that I’d like to attend the Summer Writing Conference at URI this year, attempt to do some networking ::barf:: and whatnot so it would be great if I had a slightly larger chunk finished.

K, I’m at work. . .I should probably be doing library related stuff since last week was my time for slacking off. :p

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